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      ABOUT US

             汕頭市峻業機械有限公司,位于全國五大經濟特區之一的汕頭市,毗鄰月浦高速出入口,距揭陽潮汕國際機場僅三十分鐘車程,交通十分便利。峻業機械,擁有一支具有產品開發、制造及生產管理的專業技術團隊,生產實力雄厚,實際經驗豐富。經過多年的發展,目前主要生產:全自動小罐生產線、全自動大桶焊接機、全自動小罐焊接機、半自動焊接機、半自動改大桶焊接機、半自動改小罐焊接機、罐身內外補涂機、高頻電磁感應烘干機等機械設備。自成立以來,系列產品廣泛適用于食品罐、飲料罐、奶粉罐、氣霧罐、油漆罐和油墨罐等空罐制罐企業,占有較高的市場份額,并獲得新老客戶一致好評。 峻業機械崇尚“科技為先,技術創新,高效優質,客戶滿意”為企業經營宗旨,以高質量的品牌產品、高效率的售后服務回報廣大客戶的信賴和支持,竭誠歡迎新老客戶光臨與咨詢。

      Shantou Junye Machinery Co.,Ltd. is located in Shantou City that is one of the five major special economic zones in China. It is close to Yuepu Expressway entrance and exit, only 30-minute drive from Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport. The traffic is very convenient. Junye machinery, with a professional technical team for product development, manufacturing and production management, is tremendous in production strength and rich in practical experience. After years of development, at present, its main products are: automatic production line for small cans, pails and drums, automatic pail/drum body welder, automatic can body welder, semi-automatic welder, automatic pail/drum welder upgraded from semi-automatic one, automatic can welder upgraded from semi-automatic one, inside and outside coating machine for welding seam, high frequency induction dryer etc.  Since its establishment, the series of products are widely used in empty container manufacturing factories that produce food cans, drink cans, milk powder cans, aerosol cans, paint cans, and ink cans etc., occupying a high market share and getting good praise from new and regular customers. Junye advocates "science and technology first, technical innovation, high efficiency and high quality, customer satisfaction" as business purposes, with high-quality brand name products, and efficient after-sales service to repay the customers for their trust and support. Wholeheartedly welcome new and regular customers to visit us and enquire.



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      After years of developmentr,at present,its main products are automatic production line for small cans pails and drums,automatic pail/drum body welder automatic can body welder semi-automatic welder automatic pail/drum welder upgraded from semi-automatic one inside and outside coating machine for welding seam high frequrency induction curing system etc.equipment. 

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